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Learn How to Turn Your Expertise into a Profitable and Impactful Online Course you can get paid MORE while working LESS, while adding security and predictability to your income



STARTS 29th MARCH 2021

Here's what you'll learn during the 5 day workshop...

  • Why it has never been a better time to turn your expertise into a course, and the huge opportunity available to you right now.
  • The NUMBER ONE place to start when building courses to ensure you craft something that sells AND delivers impact. 
  • The common mistakes people make when creating courses that mean a lot of wasted time and effort.
  • How you can get paid before you even start creating your course (you do not need to spend months in creation mode!)
  • The simple way of figuring out what parts of your vast knowledge and expertise you actually need to put into your course.
  • You'll be given daily tasks (30 mins max) to get you moving forward with clarity and confidence, with support inside the private Facebook group

Dan Netting
Founder of Build a Course Business™

Hello! Nice to 'meet' you...

Having now helped many business owners from coaches to consultants, trainers, speakers and experts package up their valuable expertise to sell as profitable and impactful online courses, I often see a lot of resistance to it.

Don't think you can create a great online course?

Maybe you want to create a course, but don't know where to start or if you can even deliver your expertise that way?

Well, for 8 years I've been creating and selling online learning experiences (courses, programs and membership sites) in a very obscure and traditionally offline industry - motorcycle track riding techniques.

If I'm able to do that, I honestly believe that if you are already solving problems for people in some service-based capacity, there is ABSOLUTELY scope to create something that people will want, will happily pay for and get great results from.

This is going to allow you to continue serving your people and delivering the transformations you want... without it costing so much of your time.

So let's get this done!

Over this 5-day workshop I'm going to help you discover the core principles of what it takes to create a great online course - one that is built to sell AND deliver impact.

And I'll be there inside the group every step of the way with implementation instructions and guidance to help you make those steps and get the most from this experience. Are you up for the challenge?